Sunday, April 29, 2012

A date and a HAUL!

Hey guys! Yesterday, I had such a fun day!
I hung out at the malls near me, and wasn't really planning on buying nail polish, but it just ended up happening. It was inevitable. I did limit myself though, cos I wasn't paying for any of it with my own money. Shhh!
So I spent 5 hours, and ended up with ONLY 17 nail polishes.

First off, my BUTTER londons: The Black Knight, Trout Pout, and No More Waity, Katie
The red was free when I bought two! It doesn't seem to have a name.

 Two Claire's magnetic polishes, which the bf picked out for me!

 Next, two Icing polishes: Blue Ice and After Party

From Sephora, my $OPIs: Read My Palm, Stop Stocking Me!, and a matte top coat.

 From Ulta, Layla holo polish! I only picked one, because they were almost $16 a bottle. ):

 Orly Space Cadet!
You do not know how excited I was when I found this beauty!

 Nyx girls Moonwalk and Under the Moon

 Zoya Opal!
I was looking for Maisie and Chloe too, but they were gone! ):


 A bottle of Seche, finally!

And this is what my collection looks like now:

154-ish usable polishes!

I didn't pay for ANY of those 17 polishes I got. They were all paid for by the boyfriend!

That's all for now<3

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