Wednesday, March 20, 2013

St. Patrick's Day AND My Birthday!

 If anyone knows/remembers from previous posts, my birthday is on St. Patrick's Day!
And since I have a chance to be festive for one or the other, I always do both, because who doesn't want to be extra festive?!

Here are the nails!

My birthday hand's theme was sweet, since it was my Sweet Sixteen!

I did pink candy/frosting drips on my thumb. My pointer I wrote my name over Pretty & Polished's 'Cheer Camp'. For the middle I wrote 16 on a jelly sandwich. My ring had a cupcake with frosting using Pretty & Polished's 'Jawbreaker', Lush Lacquer's 'birthday cake', and 'Party of 5 glitters'. And finally, my pinky is a light blue to pink gradient!

For my St. Patrick's Day hand, I had originally planned another set of designs, but I ended up redesigning them since I didn't like them.

So, my thumb and pinky are light to dark green gradients with flakies from 'Luxe and Lush'. My pointer is a pastel rainbow with glitter and a cloud. My middle is a 17 over a glitter sandwich just like my other hand. And finally, my ring is a green cupcake with glitter! My middle and ring fingers were the only original ones, since the match my other hand.

I hope you had a fun St. Patrick's Day!

That's all for now!<3

Valentine's Day!

EDIT: This didn't post, I guess I can't figure out my queue! 

So, Valentine's Day is upon us again! I actually like this holiday since there is always tons of chocolate and chocolate is one of a girl's best friends!  Plus having an awesome boyfriend helps!

Anyways, here are the nails I did for Valentine's Day!

For this hand I did two water marbled nails, half hearts on my middle two, and wrote "love" with a heart border.

My heart! I placed red microbeads caviar-style as the border.

I think this was impressive since I did this nail in less than a minute since I had run out of ideas to do!

Now for my other hand!

I did alternating grey and pink nails with an accent nail of grey and white stripes with a heart.

On the grey nails I used pink glitter and pink hearts.  On the pink nails I used silver glitter and grey hearts!


So, Valentines day has a lot of hearts! Which reminded me of my ring that my boyfriend got me. Isn't it just perfect for the holiday?!

And of course, heart shaped chocolate!

I hope you enjoyed your Valentine's Day!

That's all for now<3