Monday, August 27, 2012


So, as a "random"ish gift, the boyfriend sent me, what else but, nail mail! I was super excited when he told me he got me some indie polishes and brushes! He really outdoes himself... It's amazing how much he supports my "addiction" totally not an addiction btw.  Anyways, here's what I received:

8 polishes!

a set of 15 nail art brushes from the Born Pretty store!

Pure Ice: Busted and Oh Baby!

Pretty & Polished: Tart and Party on my Yacht

Lush Lacquer: Mr. Bubble, Birthday Cake, and Pink Panther

Essie: Shine of the Times

My first indies! And look how beautiful! I really am going to put those brushes to use, and now I can use my SOTT without worrying, because now I have a backup!  I really love the boy, he's amazing!

Look for swatches/reviews soon!

That's all for now!<3