Monday, April 23, 2012

Under the Sea!

Do you remember that children's book about the rainbow fish?
I think it was called Rainbow Fish, quite literally..

ANYWAYS, there have been a lot of mermaid/fishy manis coming around, and I like the way they look.  So I decided I would do one too!  Let me tell you something, they can be time consuming. But the results look charming!~

My cuticles were horrid... But anyways, this design was on my right hand. And I'm right-handed. I have no idea why I decided to do a design of this difficulty with my non-dominant hand.  Betcha couldn't tell!

Indoors, no flash, indirect sunlight.

Indoors, flash

Blurry! Look at the sparkle though(:

All of these were painted with 2 coats of an aqua colour that I frankened myself.

For my thumb, I sponged on a gold. Like how the water shimmers!

 For my pointer and ring fingers, I did "mermaid slippers," which is basically a gold glitter gradient, starting at the base and fading towards the tips. The gold Color Club's Gingerbread Man.

 For my middle finger, I took a medium-sized dotting tool and dotted on blues, purple, and silver in a scaly pattern. Then the tip was a light coat of  Color Club's Gingerbread Man.  And again with the torn up cuticles.  (I know, I know, I have to take better care of them!)

For my pinky, I carefully and very painstakingly used a blue glitter striper by LA Colors Art Deco to freehand more scales.  I then used a small dotting tool to dot each scale with a drop of China Glaze's Snow Cap to add that little touch of mermaid magic in each scale. 

No lie, I think I stopped every other row. It took a lot of work.

But the results were worth it!

And finally, one last sunlight pic to 'wave' goodbye to! 
You get it? No? Okay.

That's all for now<3

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