Monday, April 30, 2012

JDM and Fixies: Part UNO

Painting nails. A girl's hobby. Generally.
But what about guys? They like cars and stuff, right?
Well, I had a special request to do my nails on JDM and fixies. Actually, there was a mention of skating and mustaches too, but I decided against those.  In case you didn't knooooow, JDM is basically car stuff. Stands for Japanese Domestic Market. I think.  And fixies are just fixed-gear bikes. Google this stuff!
So, here's my JDM and fixie mani.

First off, the JDM hand.

"JDM baby <3"

 This is the JDM badge.

Yes, that is a Honda sign thing. 'Twas requested!

Sunny pictures always make me happy!

Part 2 up next! <3

1 comment:

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