Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Little Rearranging

So, I think posting EVERYDAY was ultimately a super bad idea.  Like, bad.  Thinking about a new post is consuming my brain.  I mean, even last night, I was up thinking about WHY I didn't post.  Then I realized my pictures were saved onto ONE of my computers, and conveniently, I was using a different one. With NO blog-worthy pictures.  At all.  
This leads me into believing I can post every other day.  I have no idea how this'll work once I go back to school, but I think I can make it work.  Otherwise, I'll have another idea. Like every 2 days. Or week.  You know, something that won't fail me or my brain.
ANYWAYS, I digress.  So, today's nails are actually from my first day of high school.  
Animal french tips! 

I did these on one hand, while the other had the full nail in animal print.  I got tons of complements on them, and I had tons of upperclassmen asking where I had gotten them done.  Boy, were they shocked to find out a little freshman did them herself. ;D

So, in order from thumb to pinky:
I put these in a way so that the stripes were between each "spotted" animal, just to give it a subtle pattern, and so that they weren't all clumped together.  Zebras and White Tigers are pretty close, I mean, just look at their patterns!

from Google Images

OKAY, maybe not.  But, close enough, right? :D
I count these as a french tip mani, because although the design goes about halfway, the actual base colour is in a french tip, and is seen peeking through.  The other hand (no pictures, *GASP*) is a full design, like how most people would do them.  The order on the other hand from thumb to pinky was just the reverse of this one.  

That's all for now(:  Look for my posts about every other day! 


  1. Super cute! I love the tips under the design. Im a super big tip fan :-)