Sunday, October 9, 2011

Somewhere Out in the Galaxy

Galaxy Nails!  I love the way these look, and I ADORE how easy these are to do.  They look like a lot of work, but they're not.  I'll show you, and tell you, how it's done.
Just paint on some black.  Sponge on some white in a curved line.

Sponge on some yellow on parts of the white, but not so much that you cover it up.

On top of the yellow and pink, lightly sponge on some pink, but again, not so much that you cover up either colour.

Around the edges of the white, sponge on some navy blue to fade it out.  With a toothpick, needle, small dotting tool, or anything with a small edge, dot on tiny dots for stars.  Dot on a few bigger dots for the bigger stars.  Go over it with a glittery top coat, preferably gold or silver.  Apply a coat of regular top coat, and you're done!
These are the polishes I used.

Black--La Belle "Pure Black"
White--Avon "French Tip White"
Pink--New York Color "Greenwich Village"
Navy Blue--Revlon "Midnight Affair"
Glitter--Colortrend color me pretty topcoat "Gold Spritzer"
Topcoat--OutTheDoor dry fast

That's all for now(:  And if you've noticed, I FINALLY got all the polishes I used for this one. ;D


  1. i'm in LOVE with this look! you are amazing at nails, i wish i could do nail art! i always try and epically fail hahaha i followed, you're amazing! xoxoxo

  2. Wow! I'm glad I found your blog. I love these nails. Please stay amazing!!! And please check/comment/follow back :) thanks Kiki xoxo