Saturday, October 15, 2011


Disaster has struck.
It happened on Friday.
I flipped out.
That's right,

Hah, okay, not so disastrous.  But still, it was pretty bad.  Now my right pinky nail is a nub.  It's painfully nubby.  Kind of like a little 3-year-old's nails.  Kind of.  Darn practice! *shakes fist*

I still have a nail design saved(:  So, never fear!  Pics!

These were my left hand.
I just swirled them, using the same technique I will describe below, then I used a white striper to paint some lines and fill them in.  I then used some corresponding nail gems.  I didn't really like this look all too much, but it was easy, so oh well!

These were on my left hand.

This look is REALLY easy to do.  All you have to do is paint your nail a base colour and let it dry.  Then, you take that same colour and another colour (I chose white) and sort of blob them on your nail.  While they're still wet, just swirl them together until you like the way it looks.  
OR you can do what I did on my pinky, which is hard to see.  Paint a white base, then paint half the nail with one colour, and the other side with another, and swirl/drag them across each other.

Look out for my Halloween themed nails (FINALLY!)

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