Thursday, October 20, 2011


Actually, it's not.  YET.
I enjoy Halloween.  I mean, what kid doesn't?  I'm only a freshman after all, so I can still be a kid!
I love the candy.  And decorations.  And the costumes.
But mostly, THE NAILS!
My right hand!
I've got an orange and black gradient on my thumb, with glitter!
Orange and black splatter on my index.
Orange and black stripes on a white base.
Bloody red blood drips.
Candy corn pinky!
My left hand!
I've got a silver spiderweb with a cute spider,
A glittery jack-o-lantern,
A mummy,
Orange and black dots on opposite base colours!

A better look...

The paint and polishes I used...
Orange acrylic paint, AVON clear, an unnamed yellow from Icing, La Belle black, Avon's French Tip White, an unnamed beige/nude colour, NYC Big Apple Red, Claire's silver glitter polish in a black jelly-like base, gliiter polish from Jordana, KISS silver glitter and black stripers, NYC extra shiny top coat, Out the door fast dry top coat.

I actually don't have the names and specific parts of these polishes since I'm in Vegas, so when I come home, I think I can detail it more.  However, it's not needed, since any brands can be used.  It's just that these are the polishes I used.

Have a SPOOKY Halloween everyone(:

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  1. these are absolutely amazing! come do my nails! hahahah