Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dusty Hunting-without the hunting

So yesterday I went on another date to the mall. Which included going to Ulta. Which ended up with this post.  So let's just take a look at what I got...

First, I got three silver capped OPIs! From Ulta!  I feel like no polish lovers shop at my ulta because I can find lots of HTFs and whatnot.  They were JUST SITTING THERE in the OPI display, where the boyfriend found them.

The three he bought from Ulta..
DS Reserve

DS Mystery

DS Extravagance
Actually, while I was in Berkeley for NYLF Med, I went on a date to Telegraph and found a nail store.  They had their polish display with their polish for sale, and I spotted two silver caps. Needless to say we fast-walked in there and bought DS Radiance and Magic.

So I have 5 of the DS polishes!

Then, he found the ORLYs and pulled up my wishlist and grabbed these:


Halley's Comet

Fowl Play

And some beauties from Zoya!

(with flash)




It's so fun going shopping with him because I can grab what I want.  In fact I'm almost forced to buy them. He tried to get me to buy ALL the Layla Holos. Silly boy.  I had a good day!  I love him<3

That's all for now<3

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