Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hawaii Haul!

So last month I had a competition in Honolulu, Hawaii!
It was my first time there and I had heard a lot about Island Girl polishes! So I wanted to get some.
But as I was walking around, I found this little beauty store that had RACKS of nail polish. 
It was basically heaven...
And I bought nail polish!!

Here we go!

See, I ONLY bought six!

These were all the last ones, so naturally I HAD to have them

I can always use more DS polishes anyways!

And then I looked a bit more and I found....

YUP! Last Friday Night!

This haul made me so excited!
But, I didn't buy any Island Girl polishes... How ironic! However, I know they're also sold in Las Vegas! ;D

That's all for now<3

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