Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Hunger Games

So The Hunger Games trilogy has gained a lot of popularity ever since the movie came out.
But I knew about it first! And no one would listen to my recommendations.
But now everyone knows about it....

Well, China Glaze came out with a Hunger Games collex.
Which I got from my SO. Lovely!
First, the nails.

From the movie that premiered this year, Effie Trinket's reaping day nails! She's really just how I imagined her to be.  The nails Effie had were a magenta/purple colour and had a gold gradient

I hate trying to get purple accurate..

This picture is MOST colour-accurate.

Now, on my other hand my inspiration was taken from the cover of The Hunger Games.

My lines are all wonky. ):

And my thumb was the title of the book.

I actually attempted the Mockingjay design, but decided to leave it for another time.

Now for the collection!

Here we have from L to R: Harvest Moon (D9 Grains), Mahogany Magic (D7 Lumber), Foie Gras (D10 Livestock), Agro (D1Agriculture), Smoke and Ashes (D12 Mining), and Stone Cold (D2 Masonry)

The second part from L to R: Electrify (D5 Power), Hook and Line (D4 Fishing), Fast Track (D6 Transportation), Dress Me Up (D8 Textiles), Riveting (D3 Technology), Luxe and Lush (D1 Luxury)

All of these polishes are super pretty, but I think I like Agro the most!  

That's all for now! <3

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