Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hey, it's 2012!

It's 2012! Which I am sure you are all aware of.
Let me start by saying I'm sorry for my lack of appearance lately. I've had personal problems and didn't feel up to posting.

I wish I could have posted some Christmas nails. but I didn't.

I wish I could have at least said happy holidays, or happy new years. but I didn't.

And here comes my shameful post.

But it has nails! Yep, 2012 nails! Scroll to see!

Now, here's a bajillion pictures of my left hand:

2012 on the thumb, glitter gradient thingys on my index and pinky, one coat of SPF over black with the large hex glitters on my middle, and my ring was supposed to be like the ball drop in NYC, but I got overexcited. I think they're now like almost fireworks..

And, like, 3 of my right hand!

Another 2012 on my thumb with dots, silver/white french on my index, 2 1/2 coats of PR on my middle, 2 coats of SPF on my ring, and silver/blue holo french on my pinky.

Holo-y goodness!

For my left hand:
L to R: Jordana Calcium Boost basecoat, LaBelle black, Color Club 'Sugar Plum Fairy', Jordana 'Crystal Glitter', Kiss silver striper, Jordana 'The Designer', Out the door topcoat.

 For my right hand:
L to R: Jordana Calcium Boost basecoat, LA Colors silver, Avon 'french tip white', Color Club 'Sugar Plum Fairy', Color Club 'Platinum Record', Kleancolor 'Holo Blue', Milani 'black streak', Out the door topcoat.

For the left, I also used these silver large hex glitters.

I have a small pinky! ;O

That's all for now! <3

Have a wonderful 2012(:

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