Friday, October 7, 2011

I Spotted a Half-Moon!

  Another hot new thing is half-moons!  You know them, they're like reversed french-tips.  They're really simple to do!  All you need is nail polish and those binder hole reinforcement stickers!
  I think a chic twist on them is adding polka dots, which I did.

They're pretty easy, and they look cute too! ^-^

Just put one of those stickers (I cute them in half, so I use less) down on the last part of your nail, wherever you want the half moon to be, then use your nail polish over it.

I added black polka dots with a dotting tool, but any dotting "device" will work.
I also outlined the half moon with my silver striper.
Two coats of any good topcoat and you're done!

If you're really good, you can always freehand the half-moons, but I chose to use the reinforcement stickers, simply because they produce nice, round, shapes.
 That's all for today(:

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