Monday, October 31, 2011

D27 D27 WHAT?!

This past weekend (10.29.11) was Fall Rally North for the Key Clubbers from CaliNevHa.  It was at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, and it was LOADS OF FUN!
What exactly IS Key Club?  Well, it's really hard to explain, so I'll let the Key Club site tell you!  
Anyways, this weekend a whole bunch of us northern Key Clubbers went to Six Flags and attended a rally where we competed for the highly-coveted spirit stick.  We showcased our cheers and cheered all over Six Flags.  THE. WHOLE. DAY.  My voice was literally gone for two days.  Crazy.  Well last year, the District 27 Grizzlies (that's us!) won it, and we were the one to beat.  Our biggest rivals were the D7 south monsters.  This year, we didn't win it, it was a close call!  Those dumb Monsters won it.  We all said it was cos we won last year, I think so too.  Next year, we're bound to win.  
NOW, that story is over, finally, so here comes the nail spam.

Both Hands! With our signature cheer, and part of another Grizzly cheer.

Index-F (for fall)
Middle-R (for rally)
Ring-N (for north)
Pinky- Club

I sponged red on the thumb and pinky so there was just a white strip.
The rest were nude/beige with a red block and a silver stripe.

My right hand
Thumb- Roar
Index- 7 (27)
Middle- 2
Ring- D (for district)
Pinky- red craft glitters on white base

My left hand
Polishes I used, in order from L to R:
Jordana- Calcium Boost basecoat
unnamed beige/nude
NYC- Big Apple Red Creme
AVON- french tip white
Sally Hansen- Red Carpet
Le Belle- Pure Black
Jordana- Crystal Glitter
KISS- silver glitter striper
AVON- clear
Out The Door
some unnamed clear
Brown acrylic paint

I kind of cheated with these too. ;D  Don't tell anyone!  I just painted them on a ziploc baggie, put some clear/topcoat, and peeled them off to make my own easy to use nail decals.  I'm sure there are tutorials, or I can make one if needed. (:

And a bonus!  My tutu I made JUST for FRN(:
It was cute with the Key Club shirt I made into a tanktop.

And if you couldn't tell, RED was D27's colour(;

That's all for now!  Sorry for the MEGALONG story! D:  I felt the need to inform the general people, though(:  <3

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